Available courses

After this course you will 

• define the term "Confidence"

• identify factors stopping women entering Politics

• explain factors determining you personal Power

After this course you will explain 

• how to prepare to announce you candidacy

• how to build you confidence

• how to communicate you message

In this course you will learn how to:

• use fundraising to raise your (within your party and as a candidate) 

• Fundraise in a timely manner

• Manage the administrative side of fundraising of fundraising of fundraising

The course aims to empower women and girls to become leaders in public and political spheres. How to prepare for effective debating? How to identify falacies and how to react to them? What are so called master suppression techniques and how to deal with diffirent manipulative behaviour? Our course will provide you all these information including examples from every day life and you will have chance to test your knowledge through quiz.

Maybe you're new into politics or maybe you've experienced situations at political meetings where you felt uncomfortable, more invisible or it just does not feel right?

Then you may have been exposed into  Master Suppression Techniques.

In this course, Ann-Sofi Backgren / Brand-Sofi visualizes and map the five suppression techniques that were formulated in the 1970s by social psychologist, politician and activist Berit Ås in Norway.

Ann-Sofi Backgren / Brand-Sofi herself has a close 30-year commitment to politics and can therefore "translate" the theory of the s master suppression techniques into practice.

In the course, you can also consider resistance strategies, ranging from simple comments to relationships and organizational culture.

Last and last, master suppression techniques are about power.

One of the key activities envisaged in the project "Gender Equality and Political Leadership" are e-learning courses. Here we introduce a course entitled "From social activism to great politics" ─ introducing to political involvement, and devoted to prepare female candidates for social and / or political activity. This course is designed in a context of polish local elections, but we are sure you can benefit form it even if you don't plan to run in local elections.

 We cordially invite you to participate in the course!

Uczestniczki dowiedzą się, w jaki sposób zaprojektować swoje wejście do tego obszaru. Nauczą się czerpać z własnych zasobów i wykorzystywać swoje mocne strony oraz działać wielokierunkowo i holistycznie. Odkryją, że siła drzemie w nich i dzięki niej mogą mieć wpływ na to co dzieje się w ich społeczności. 

Kurs pomaga zaprojektować działania zmierzające do zostania liderką polityczną w zgodzie ze swoimi wartościami. Wykorzystuje on autorską metodę planowania celów długoterminowych - Bonzai. Dla lepszego zrozumienia zawartości lekcji podany jest też przykład dobrego planu działań pani Haliny Sobańskiej, działaczki politycznej i aktywistki. 

Kurs ma formę lekcji tekstowych z zadaniami do wykonania. Pod każdym z nich znajduje się historia pani Haliny ilustrująca dane zagadnienie.